3MEN Technology Co., Ltd

3Men has been established since 1995. Motors and drivers are our main products for applications in the field of automatic control industry. With more than 18 year experiences to develop optimum solution for customers, 3Men has made a Big step to support modules including controllers and motors for ebike, scooter, …and so on. Our systems set the targets in extra-long distance cruising capability and high efficiency to enhance ebike’s performance and value. The optimum solution offered to ebike industry brings to people with an unbelievable experience, feeling, and impact. We think we will enter a new era in transportation industry. We launched a new brand ”MENbike” in 2009, dedicated in ebike market. Our bikes are different from other brands with complicated operation through control panel. It’s operation is same as traditional bikes. We just use a button to determine power on or power off. It is quite simple. It has very powerful capability to climb hills. It has very energy-saving capability to make extra-long distance cruising. This bike makes you feel light all around. It is a best tool for transportation, exercise, and energy saving.

Folding Bike Supplier

With extensive product development labs, testing facilities, and in-house market research, 3MEN Technology Co., Ltd 's products exceed the highest standards in Pedelec design, service, support and technology. 3MEN Technology Co., Ltd’s folding bike is currently one of the most advanced Pedelec available on the world market and will provide the best product ratio between quality-price.


Weight :18kg(Including battery)
Frame :Hi-ten steel folding frame
Rim :20" Double Wall
Speeds:Shimano 7s
Color :White / Red
Charging load:110V~220V
Battery:Li-ion 36V 8.7Ah
Charging time:about 4 hours
Cruising Distance:100 km
As an independent Pedelec manufacturer, 3MEN Technology Co., Ltd is free to specify and select the best of Folding Bike e-bike regardless of the manufacturer. We will always offer you a warm welcome and a top quality environment on business.